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Turkish Defence Alliance-TDA was established in 2013 by the Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association of Turkey (SSİ) to promote the sector more effectively in particularly overseas markets, realize activities for developing Turkish defence industry’s image, organize brand building, effective marketing and joint promotional activities.

With the basic goal of raising the export potential of Turkish defence and aerospace industry, TDA carries out effective and efficient activities in areas focused on promotion and marketing in a coordinated and interactive manner with the agencies and establishments concerned, such as:

The national defense industry has reached the phase of development of products within the country and built significant infrastructure in terms of system integration. Having secured a major place in the national economy as a result of its high value added, R&D investments, and contribution to employment, the defense industry can be integrated with the global market and have a competitive structure if it increases its export which would be the most important step in that direction.

  • - To realize sectoral promotion, advertisement and communication activities abroad,
  • - To organize fair, trade and procurement delegation organizations abroad,
  • - To issue publications for promotion of the sector,
  • - To support sectoral promotion projects and activities,
  • - To carry out market research studies in order to determine strategies for development of the sector,
  • - To carry out effective and efficient activities in areas focused on promotion and marketing, such as developing special strategies for target markets topromote interaction and create possibilities of cooperation among producers and exporters and major overseas buyers.