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Ankara, Industrial Cooperation Days in Defence and Aerospace 2014 (ICDDA) Event

Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association of Turkey (SSI) and Turkish Defence Alliance (TDA) participated with an info stand inAnkara, Industrial Cooperation Days in Defence and Aerospace 2014 (ICDDA) Event held between 14-16 October 2014 at ATO Congresium Exhibition and Convention Center under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM), hosted by Ostim Defence and Aviation Cluster (OSSA). The event attended by 270 firms from 34 countries was opened by the Undersecretary for Defence Industries Prof.Dr. İsmail DEMİR.

TDA hosted the Event’s Gala Dinner held on 14 October 2014 at Ankara Marriott Hotel. Attending the said organization on behalf of SSI and TDA, Mr. İbrahim Şahin YURTDAŞ, Vice Chairman of SSI and Director of TDA, gave an opening speech. The event was attended by Mr. Muharrem DÖRTKAŞLI, Vice Chairman of TDA and Director of SSI, and Mr. Selçuk YAŞAR, Director of SSI.

Held for the second time this year, the event comprising seminars and conferences on the subjects of aerospace, defence and offset, workshops on purchasing processes and supply chain policies, as well as bilateral business negotiations offered participant firms the opportunity to meet with potential market partners in international arena. Representatives of firms and guests visiting our info stand were given information on the structure and activities of SSI and TDA.