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TÜBITAK SAGE was established in 1972 in Ankara, Beşevler with the name of Guided Vehicles Technology and Measurement Center (GATÖM) in order to carry out research and development activities in cooperation with local and overseas entities where necessary, with a view to meeting the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces and of national defence industry establishments. It was renamed to Ballistic Research Institute (BAE) in 1983, and finally to Defence Industries Research and Development Institute (SAGE) in 1988, starting to operate with its current structure. TUBİTAK SAGE operated at its campus in Ankara, Beşevler until 1993, which campus is being used as Ankara Wind Tunnel by the Institute at present, and moved in 1993 to its Lalahan campus located 30 km from downtown Ankara. The Institute has another campus within the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ), where it previously carried out guidance control studies. The basic duty of SAGE is to carry out research and development activities ranging from basic research and conceptual design of defence systems to engineering and prototype productions of such systems. Most of the projects are executed jointly with the industrial organizations concerned. SAGE believes in the importance of national partnerships as well as of international cooperation, and seeks to exchange information with various partners from friendly countries.



TÜBITAK SAGE’S Mission: To provide the Defence Industry with high competitive power and high value added technologies, products and services through R&D.

TÜBITAK SAGE’S Vision: To render Turkey independent in Defence Technologies.